New tech at Sparrow Clinton looks at fracture risk

Published: Feb. 21, 2017

ST. JOHNS, MI – Sparrow Clinton Hospital makes no bones about it – bone density screening is serious business.

Sparrow Clinton recently upgraded its bone density unit, adding the Hologic Horizon C scanner to the Imaging Department. This state-of-the-art bone density unit provides powerful images and clear answers for Patients at risk for fracture. It’s part of Sparrow’s innovative, transformative care.

“The enhanced imaging quality creates more detailed and accurate images for diagnosis by our radiologists,” says SCH Imaging Manager Jennifer Jollie, RT, (R) (CT). “Our technicians can process images faster since everything is transferred directly to our Picture Archiving Computer System and filed immediately in each Patient’s electronic medical record for sharing throughout the health system.”

The crisp, clear, high-resolution images offer a 10-second spine and hip scan to determine fracture risk, color image mapping to verify and evaluate trending changes in body fat, and cardiovascular calcification assessment screening. All these advanced technologies work together to give a precise picture of what’s going on inside a Patient’s body.

While bone density scanning is most often requested for women, it also is a valuable tool for diagnosing osteopenia (lower than normal bone density) and osteoporosis in men.

Talk to your Physician about the advantages of bone density screening. Advanced bone density units are available at all Sparrow imaging sites.

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