New Sparrow medical practice in Holt, care close to home

Published: Jan. 7, 2013

LANSING, Mich. - Sparrow is celebrating the grand opening of Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) Holt, a family practice that will provide quality health care close to home for Holt residents and the surrounding communities.

The new family practice will have two full-time family physicians and a physician assistant. It will also offer obstetric services/care. SMG Holt will help Sparrow achieve its goal of transforming how care is provided in order to address challenges such as an aging population, affordability, and improving quality.

"The health care industry is undergoing great change and we are transforming care by providing improved access and a medical home for our patients," said Joe Ruth, Sparrow Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Our Sparrow practices and urgent cares will provide comforting, modern and open facilities that offer healthy environments to encourage healing and health."

Amanda Shoemaker, MD, a physician in our community for five years, will lead the practice. She will be joined by an additional physician on April 1, 2013.

"This practice is a way to show the community we are committed to improving its health and bringing our care and services to them," Dr. Shoemaker said. "Through SMG Holt, Sparrow will continue to strive to offer the best in care and Patient experience."

SMG Holt will be open to Patients on Tuesday, Jan. 8. It is located at 2040 N. Aurelius Road on the corner of Aurelius and Holt Road.