New Sparrow FastCare at Okemos Meijer aids heart Patient

Published: June 29, 2016

Days after it opened, Sparrow's FastCare clinic at the Okemos Meijer store came to the rescue of 78-year-old heart Patient James Kocher of Okemos.

“I’m very appreciative of the help I got at FastCare,” Kocher said. “The staff there was very friendly, very patient and extremely helpful. They took me seriously.”

The incident featured quick thinking by Meijer employees, quality, compassionate care from a Sparrow Caregiver, and exemplifies the convenience of FastCare.

Kocher had been hospitalized at Sparrow for an accelerated heart rate and, with it back under control, was released the next morning.

But soon after he got home Kocher’s heart rate accelerated once again. Accompanied by his wife, he went to the pharmacy at the Okemos Meijer store to have his prescriptions filled.

Taking notice of Kocher’s distress, workers at the Meijer pharmacy directed Kocher to FastCare, which had opened several days before. The staff at FastCare took charge of the situation. Using their contacts at Sparrow, they were able to put Kocher directly in touch with his physician, who advised Kocher to adjust the dosage of his medications and rest.

“Without the help at FastCare, we wouldn’t have had any idea how to reach my physician,” Kocher said, “and I really didn’t want to return to the Emergency Room.”

Patricia Crowe, M.D., Medical Director of Sparrow’s Urgent Care and FastCare practices, said the incident “exemplifies the value of the Sparrow-Meijer partnership.”

Dr. Crowe added: “Being in the right place to help somebody was fortuitous.”

FastCare is meant to provide basic medical services for common, non-life-threatening conditions. It’s a more affordable option than a hospital Emergency Department or Urgent Care Center. FastCare does not provide on-site X-rays, stitches, or treatment for broken bones.

Kocher recently underwent a Cardioversion, a medical procedure in which electricity or drugs are used to correct an abnormally fast rate.

“The next day, I played golf,” Kocher said. “I want to say thank you to Sparrow.”

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