Nagler named Sparrow Vice President of Clinical Integration

Published: May 12, 2015

Harman “Hack” Nagler, M.D., has been named Sparrow’s Vice President of Clinical Integration and will oversee and lead the strategic direction and operations of Sparrow Care Network and Sparrow Physicians Health Network (SPHN).

Clinical Integration is an effort among Physicians, often in collaboration with a hospital or health system, to develop clinical initiatives designed to control costs and improve the quality of health care services.

Dr. Nagler was instrumental in organizing Sparrow Care Network, a 500-plus Physician Clinically Integrated Organization. Through his leadership, Sparrow and Sparrow Care Network received nationwide recognition, receiving the Transformation Award in Value Based Care by the Advisory Board, for innovative, Patient-centered initiatives that are driving the transformation of care for the people of the mid-Michigan region.

Dr. Nagler joined Sparrow in 1998 as Medical Director of SPHN, later becoming Executive Director, and as a Pediatrician at Sparrow Southside Pediatrics. He was recently named Sparrow’s 2015 Physician of the Year.

Dr. Nagler serves on the SPHN Board of Directors, the Sparrow Council of Medical Directors, the Sparrow Care Network Operations Advisory Committee, Payer Relations and Incentive Advisory Committee, Performance Evaluation Advisory Committee, and Physician Relations Advisory Committee. He co-chairs the Physicians Health Plan/SPHN Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and and serves on the Quality and Utilization Review Committee of the Ingham Health Plan Corporation.

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