May 2021 Caregiver Spotlight – Kara Follick, PCT

May 2021

Kara Follick, a Patient Care Technician on Sparrow Hospital’s Float Team, goes above and beyond to do “those extra little things” for patients to lift their spirits and help them feel better, including braiding a patient’s hair.

“I most enjoy helping people,” says Kara, who floats to all units within the hospital, including COVID units. “As a PCT, I help nurses with a lot of patient care, getting vital sign, taking in food, and helping patients eat; it really varies on the day.”

Recently, Kara had a patient who was agitated and looked like she could benefit from a little TLC, including a shower and some fresh clothing.

“I found a shower and took her down there and then I braided her hair for her and got her some clean scrubs to put on,” explained Kara. “I just knew that if I could do those extra little things for her, she would get better.”

Kara approaches every patient with the knowledge that they are away from home in an unfamiliar place with people they don’t know. “I try to take that into account and (show) a little more patience to people.”

Kara takes the time to notice the little things that can help patients feel better. That’s one reason why Kara is this month’s Sparrow Caregiver Spotlight.