The little things earn Caregiver Spotlight honor

Published: Feb. 19, 2016

Tiffany Drais shies away from attention and willingly helps out her fellow Nurses, be it starting a difficult IV or managing medications.

But to Drais, a night shift RN at Sparrow Specialty Hospital (SSH) for the past seven years, the important work is finding time to do “a little something” for each and every one of her Patients each shift. That kind of dedication has earned her a place in Sparrow’s Caregiver Spotlight, honoring those who go above and beyond to provide extraordinary care.

“Making them a milkshake, or giving the guys a fresh shave - it doesn’t make them physically better, but it makes them feel better, it makes their spouses feel better,” says Tiffany, “and that can go a long way.”

Drais, who previously worked in high turnover intensive care and critical care units, likes that at SSH, which provides long-term acute care services for medically complex Patients, she has an opportunity to get to know the Patients, to establish that one-on-one relationship that allows her to find the “little thing” that will make their day.

Sparrow Specialty Hospital provides long-term acute care services for medically complex and critically ill Patients who require a longer hospitalization.