Legislators turned Medical Students - for a day

Published: May 9, 2014

On May 9, a group of legislators and political staffers took part in "Project Medical Education," a joint effort between Sparrow and Michigan State University to focus attention on the importance of Graduate Medical Education (GME) funding to produce the next generation of skilled Physicians.

This "day in the life" experience is especially important as federal and state funding for GME positions continues to be challenged in budget discussions, despite a pending nationwide physician shortage.

Participants started their morning taking a Medical Education 101 class at MSU after which they were presented with their white coats and as newly minted medical students, moved through a series of hands-on simulations including a Patient coding, intubating an infant, and learning how to take a blood pressure.

The "class" then came to Sparrow where they leaned about the process medical students go through in being matched to a Residency program, and the risks, challenges and consequences of that process on their future.

The medical students graduated, took an oath, and then received a Residency match. Current Sparrow residents in those specialties then took their new "students" on rounds in Pediatrics, Hospitalists, OB/GYN, and General Surgery.

A special thanks to our participants for sharing a day in the life of a medical student.

  • Rep. Tom Cochran
  • Rep. Gail Haines
  • Rep. Andy Schor
  • Sen. Bruce Caswell
  • Nick Wake, Office of Rep. Mike Callton
  • Cheryl Pezon, Senate Republican Policy Office
  • Kim Corbin, Office of Senator Stabenow - D.C.
  • Alex Graf, Office of Senator Stabenow - D.C.
  • Elizabeth Kunkle, Office of Senator Levin - Lansing
  • Penni McNamara, Office of Congressman Rogers - Lansing
  • Paige Fults-Michigan Hospital Association