June 2021 Caregiver Spotlight – Rachel Higgins

June 2021

Rachel Higgins, Inpatient Rehab Scheduling Specialist at Sparrow Hospital, always thinks about how she can help someone else, including giving them her own coat and boots.

Committed to finding the good in any situation, Rachel keeps her car loaded with food, clothes, toiletries, toys and other items to distribute to community centers, the homeless and groups of kids for whom she provides schools supplies and has created a mini sports program.

“I do rounds around town and take lunches, hygiene (products), clothes, anything people need … three or four days a week,” said Rachel. “Really anything that anybody needs, if they need it, I’ll get it. I’ll figure out a way."

Rachel also keeps handwritten cards at the ready to thank people for making the world a better place, doing their jobs or just anything to appreciate them or show how much they mean.

“I started using the term, ‘find the good’ as a way to encourage people to find the good in any situation, no matter what is going on,” said Rachel. That term ultimately became a hashtag -- #findthegood – and inspired the launch of a personal blog on Facebook called Findthegood with Rachel.

Rachel’s love for others is unwavering. That’s one reason Rachel is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.