July 2021 Caregiver Spotlight – Marci Stier, RN

July 2021

Marci Stier, RN, a nurse at Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, goes above and beyond to listen to patients and put their minds at ease as they undergo rehabilitation.

“In the rehab unit, we deal with a lot of loss, which is a huge hurdle for patients – whether it’s a loss of function or a loss of independence,” says Marci. “So, I really try to build a relationship, a bond, with each of my patients.”

At Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, patient stays can be lengthy due to the rigors of rehabilitation, Marci says. Spending a little extra time with patients and listening to their concerns helps build rapport and trust. It plays an important role in their recovery and getting them home and back to independence.

Marci loves helping patients. That’s one reason Marci is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.