IT Manager bridges communication gap for Patient's family

Published: Oct. 18, 2015

Information Technology Technical Services Manager Sudhakar Ramaswamy typically works in a setting far removed from Patient care. But he didn’t hesitate to help when he learned of a gravely ill Patient from his own home country of India, whose family was struggling to communicate with Caregivers.

"Hearing the details I wanted to make sure the family had the best Sparrow experience possible,” he said. “I checked on them the following morning and offered to help in any way possible."

Sudhakar not only bridged the communication gap, he followed the family throughout this difficult time, and even brought them together with his own family to help make them feel at home in a foreign land.

By reaching out beyond his element, Sudhakar made a huge difference. The Patient eventually recovered and returned to India with his family. Sudhakar’s example shows that every Caregiver is part of the Sparrow mission to provide quality, compassionate care to everyone, every time. He is a deserving recipient of the Caregiver Spotlight.