IT Caregivers celebrate annual event with Olympic theme

The Olympic-themed Information Technology (IT) Kick-Off fittingly began with a torchbearer and parade of flags.
​Sparrow Senior VP and Chief Administrative Officer Tom Bres

Published: Feb. 27, 2015

The annual event was created as a way to recognize Sparrow IT Caregivers and share strategic priorities for the year. It has grown into a fun, elaborate event many look forward to each year.

The focus this year was on Sparrow's team approach, making connections and making a difference.

Six Caregivers received awards for their extraordinary work and commitment to the Sparrow Way. The categories were customer service star, innovator of the year, collaborator of the year, quality and Patient safety, excellence, and IT Caregiver of the year.

​Guest speaker Stella Cash, Sparrow VP for Development and Strategic Partnerships