High schools team up to benefit Sparrow Carson Patients

Published: July 29, 2016

The on-court skills of high school basketball players from Carson City-Crystal and Fulton have helped Sparrow Carson Hospital buy an extraordinary new device that illuminate Patients’ veins and make it easier to draw blood.

Girls and boys junior varsity and varsity players from the two schools teamed up in January for a friendly competition in order to allow the hospital to purchase an AccuVein infrared vein finder. AccuVein highlights veins, similar to having them glow in the dark, allowing medical professionals to better locate them and reducing anxiety and pain. It is especially helpful for children and the elderly.

Procedures are now more comfortable for Patients, reflecting Sparrow’s dedication to treat Patients through innovation and quality, compassionate care.

“It’s a great asset that a small, rural hospital offers cutting-edge technology for our Patients, close to home,” said Sara Hagerman, Emergency Department Nurse Manager.

Battle on 57, named after highway M-57 that runs through Fulton Township and Carson City, is a day-long fundraising event. Last year, the teams raised money to buy a commercial grade rocking chair for Sparrow Carson Hospital’s Obstetric Department. The rocking chair helps make new mothers more comfortable while sitting and rocking their baby during hospital stays.

The AccuVein infrared vein finder is used primarily in the Emergency Department and Infusion Center at Sparrow Carson Hospital. Donations for the purchase of AccuVein were also made by the Sparrow Carson Auxiliary and Carson Foundation.

Many Sparrow locations are now using this extraordinary new device which helps reduce anxiety and pain and eases a sometimes uncomfortable process.

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