Granger Pediatric ER at Sparrow nearing milestone

Amy V.H. Blasen, D.O., (left) Director of the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department at Sparrow

Published: Sept. 30, 2016

LANSING, MI – A new Slushee machine to entice even the most fearful of young Patients is one way the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department at Sparrow is still transforming care as it approaches its 10th anniversary year.

The department -- mid-Michigan's only emergency facility geared specifically for children -- opened in January 2008 and has treated about 300,000 kids, ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening traumas.

More than a dozen Physicians, numerous Nurses and support staff make it their priority every day to help their young Patients and relieve their anxiety as they receive quality, compassionate care.

The Slushee machine is used as a reward for young Patients and their siblings.

“We use it for almost every case if they are old enough,” said Amy V.H. Blasen, D.O., Director of the Granger Pediatric Emergency Department at Sparrow.

"We know going to the ER can be overwhelming. Kids are frightened and parents are worried. So, we take every precaution to ensure our Patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible."

Dr. Blasen said the Peds ED also offers parents extra support with the hospital's Child Life program -that team helps Physicians and Nurses by taking extra precautions to keep kids calm. The staff also uses kid-friendly techniques such as a Buzzy Bee, which tricks the brain when it comes to pain, and a slushy machine that keeps kids hydrated in a fun way.

"We use special techniques like when we put in an IV, take temperatures and talk with our Patients," Dr. Blasen said. "We've also streamlined testing so kids are admitted and released faster. Anything we can do to help the child - and their parents - feel comfortable."

Dr. Blasen said the team recently saw a little boy who had to get stitches after hitting his head at his birthday party.

"By using all of our kid-friendly techniques, we were able to get him in and out quickly," she said. "And even though he missed the party, he told me when he left it was his best birthday ever."

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