Get to Know Hospital Leader Matt Nobis

We want to help you get to know our regional and E.W. Sparrow Hospital leaders better. In the next few weeks, we’ll showcase short introduction videos and responses to questions that highlight who these leaders are, where they came from, and what their priorities are as part of the regional and local structure of University of Michigan Health. And you may learn a surprising fact or two about them!

Our next profile is on Regional Vice President of Finance Matt Nobis. See his video below.

How would you summarize your new position? 
I am charged with developing and leading a financial services platform that serves the stakeholders of each hospital, the region, Michigan Medicine, and the University of Michigan. This should be organized in a way that is scalable as the regional network grows. 

What are your top three goals for the region or the hospital? 

  1. Achieve a sustainable level of profitability, allowing us to invest and grow in our communities
  2. Recognize and adopt best practices of both University of Michigan Health-West and Sparrow as we learn from each other
  3. Grow the regional network to serve more patients across the State of Michigan

What is one thing you've learned about Sparrow and/or University of Michigan Health West that surprised you? 
How resilient and flexible people can be. It has been a busy/exciting year coming right on the heels of a pandemic. Caregivers have been through a lot of physical and emotional stress, and we are now making significant changes impacting both organizations. I am impressed with the willingness and desire to keep pushing forward toward something better.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role? 
Being a part of building something new that is meant to serve the organization long into the future

Where is your favorite place in Michigan to vacation? 
We own a cottage with another family on Eight Point Lake in Clare County. My family and I love it there.

What book or movie did you last read or watch? 
Currently reading the New Testament and binge-watching “Suits."

Anything else, either personal or professional, that you’d like to add? 
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and am very excited about the future of the organization.