February 2021 Caregiver Spotlight – Rockey Phillips

February 2021

Rockey Phillips joined Sparrow in June 1974, when Richard Nixon was still in the White House, and says “everything I’ve learned I’ve learned from here.”

Rockey’s knowledge as team leader of the carpenter shop for Sparrow Hospital Facilities Management and his commitment to quality patient care are among the reasons he’s this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.

“Rockey goes out of his way every day to help everyone, with no complaints. … Rockey doesn’t usually have direct patient care but has definitely proven that it takes all caregivers to run this hospital,” said the nominating letter from T Olsen, Rockey’s manager.

Rockey and his team have helped with the complicated process of converting rooms into being suitable for COVID-19 patients, and preparing Sparrow for fire and state inspections, among other responsibilities.

He attributes his success to the caregivers he works with.

“When you’ve got a group of (people) like I have it makes my job so easy. They elevate me. Their work, their diligence to do a good job just makes me look good. I’m just your everyday Joe.”