ECHO Tech with a huge heart receives Caregiver Spotlight honors

Published: Sept. 22, 2014

Cardiac Sonographer Kim Denslow has a huge heart. It is easy to notice when you see her interacting with Patients, whether it is getting them a warm blanket or just talking with them to put them at ease.

It is that commitment to Patient care that earned Denslow recognition as this month’s Caregiver Spotlight. Sparrow is honoring those who go above and beyond in providing extraordinary Patient care, making sure the needs of the Patient always come first.

Denslow performs cardiac ultrasounds to help evaluate how well the heart is pumping and valves are working.

“People are coming in to have their hearts checked out and aren’t sure what to expect,” Denslow said. “I just try to explain what is going to happen and try to get them calm, happy and laughing.”

Denslow has worked as an ECHO Tech at Sparrow for nearly 30 years, at times as a supervisor. She prefers being able to work directly with Patients.

“Even if we only talk for a few minutes, I really enjoy that conversation and being able to make them feel better.”