East Lansing Police honor Sparrow’s SANE program

Published: Jan. 26, 2016

Sparrow’s Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program has been honored with the East Lansing Police Department’s True Blue Award for exceptional service and support to the police department and the East Lansing community.

The SANE program provides coordinated, timely, comprehensive and compassionate care to victims of sexual assault on a 24-hour basis. Members of SANE work collaboratively with police, prosecutors, Child Protective Services, and community advocacy services to provide the best and most appropriate care.

Program Coordinator Matt Kasper, RN, accepted the award on behalf of the SANE team at a ceremony on Wednesday, Jan. 20. In presenting the award, police officials said the assistance the department receives from members of the SANE program is integral to solving and closing criminal sexual conduct cases.

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is a registered Nurse specially trained to provide care to sexual assault Patients. They conduct medical forensic examinations and can serve as an expert witness. Just as importantly, SANE Caregivers bring very sensitive, focused care to people who have experienced a traumatic event.

“The Sparrow Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner provides immediate crisis intervention and emotional support for Patients and strives to preserve their Patients' dignity while ensuring that they are not re-traumatized by the needed exam,” said Lea Curtiss, BSN, RN, Manager of Emergency Services Clinical Decision Unit, SANE, and Community Outreach. “Additionally they assist victims in gaining control by allowing them to make the decisions throughout the evidence collection process.”

Receipt of the True Blue Award from the East Lansing Police Department is an extreme honor and is an example of the collaborative partnership between the Sparrow SANE Program and community resources, said Curtiss.

Caregivers currently involved in the SANE program are: Kim Bogan, RN; Amy Burk, RN; Bethanie De La Ossa, RN; Sharon Goodfellow, RN; Jill Hicks, RN; Program Coordinator Matt Kasper, RN; Allison Kildee, RN; Cassandra Kotlarczyk, RN; Robert Mavrogordato, RN; Amy McClellan, RN; and Crystal Thayer, RN. For more information on the program, visit Sparrow.org/SANE.  

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