Diversity of thought topic during Sparrow Caregiver workshop

Published: Feb. 1, 2012

LANSING, Mich. - Sparrow Caregivers heard about the importance of diversity of thought during a presentation held in the Clark Conference Center at the St. Lawrence Campus today.

Joe Gerstandt, a diversity expert and former U.S. Marine, discussed the value of getting a wide array of perspectives involved in decision-making during the presentation and workshop.

"Diversity is all-inclusive," said Jacqueline Thomas-Hall, Sparrow's Director of Diversity and Inclusion/Pastoral Care. "It involves more than just those areas where we have previously managed diversity, which include race and gender."

Gerstandt talked to Caregivers about case studies and historic examples that illustrate the importance of building teams of people with diverse backgrounds and cutting through tension to hear differing voices.

"Inclusion is all about actions ... you cannot just focus on intentions," said Gerstandt.

This is not a typical focus of diversity-themed events, but Thomas-Hall said events like this help Sparrow take the importance of diversity and apply it to Patient care.

"Diversity of thought is a critical component of diversity," said Thomas-Hall. "We get more effective decisions when we have everyone in a room engaged."

This event was sponsored by Sparrow's Diversity and Inclusion Department and was open to all Caregivers.