DeWitt Man survives Near-Death Fight with COVID at Sparrow

As Deacon of a Catholic church in DeWitt, Kevin Orth, 53, volunteered at an MSU football game with his church in October 2021. A few days later, he tested positive for COVID-19.

Today, he credits his faith, Sparrow's highly skilled team of physicians and nurses, along with leading-edge medicine, for giving him a second chance at life.

Kevin’s condition quickly worsened after testing positive, and he was transferred to E.W. Sparrow Hospital in Lansing where he became unresponsive and was placed on a ventilator.  As Kevin’s condition continued, his medical team and his wife began discussing whether to continue life support.

But on Christmas Eve, Kevin miraculously woke up from his coma.

We’re so glad our heroic caregivers were able to help Kevin return home and enjoy life with a renewed gratitude.

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Kevin Orth was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November 2021. Within days, his condition became grave as he was placed on a ventilator at E.W. Sparrow Hospital.