Clinical Integration at Sparrow moves forward

Published: May 29, 2014

Sparrow and physician leaders are committed to transforming the way care is delivered to Patients and the community through the creation of a Clinically Integrated Organization.

Identified as Sparrow's top strategic imperative, Clinical Integration will improve Patient outcomes, lower the total cost of care, and enhance the Patient experience.

Clinical Integration is physician-led and helps align existing physician and hospital goals, and leads to the development of common goals. It strengthens the working relationship between physicians and the hospital and positions the health system for health reform-related initiatives.

Patients stand to benefit the most from Clinical Integration, which results in improved clinical outcomes, more convenient access, and a greater emphasis on Patient concerns. With co-pays and deductibles skyrocketing, Clinical Integration will ensure Patients receive the highest value care at the lowest possible cost.

Physician-led committees are now in the process of organizing our Clinical Integration structure.

For more information, go to Sparrow.Org/ClinicalIntegration or view a Clinical Integration YouTube video.