Caregivers hit the streets for 2nd Annual Walk with the CEO

Published: May 29, 2014

Leslie Polack, Manager, Sparrow Health and Wellness, Dennis Swan, Sparrow President & CEO, and Jeff Breslin, RN, president of PECSH hit the street for the 2nd Annual Walk with the CEO.

Sparrow Caregivers took part in the second annual Walk with the CEO to promote health and wellness with a one-mile trek down Michigan Avenue.

The event marks National Employee Fitness & Wellness Month and was led by Sparrow President & CEO Dennis Swan and other members of the Sparrow leadership team.

Guest appearances by Sparty, MSU Football Coach Mark Dantonio and members of the MSU Spartan Basketball and Football teams stepped up the festivities. Even Draymond Green, former MSU Spartan Basketball player, currently playing in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors, showed up to lead the walk.

Check out more photos from the walk on facebook.