Caregiver’s contagious attitude earns Caregiver Spotlight honor

Published: Jan. 25, 2016

Omar Mohammed is never without a smile, setting the benchmark for politeness and positivity that sticks with his fellow Caregivers throughout the day.

Mohammed, a Sparrow Shuttle bus driver, is the first face many see at the start of their day, and the last as they leave. With only seven months at Sparrow under his belt, Omar’s received numerous nominations for Sparrow’s Caregiver Spotlight, honoring those who go above and beyond to provide extraordinary care.

“Omar always makes sure no one is left behind in our mad dashes to get where we need to go, he checks, double checks, and triple checks, knowing that time is of the essence,” notes one Caregiver. “I can’t say enough about what a kind, compassionate person Omar is.”

“Sometimes the people on the bus aren’t in the greatest of moods because of a bad day on the job or rough morning getting out the door,” notes another. “Omar always has a smile on his face and never lets any negativity bother him.”

If you ask Omar, “These are my colleagues and they have a job to do. It’s rewarding to help them get where they need to be so that they can help our Patients.”