Caregiver Spotlight: Kris Finger

Published: Jan.29, 2017

Registered NurseKris Fingerhas a hard time understanding why she deserves to be singled out for special recognition.

“I just work as hard as I can and always to do my best,” says Kris, who is Sparrow’s Caregiver Spotlight this month. “I guess I’ve never seen that as exceptional, ”Kris’ colleague in Sparrow’s Clinical Decision Unit disagrees.

“She is the kind of Nurse who will always go the extra step to care for her Patients,” a co-worker wrote in a letter nominating Kris for the honor. “No matter what department she is working in, her Patients are always greeted with a smile, given a warm blanket. ... She will apply lotion while giving a quick back rub, and the Patient will have something to eat or drink if appropriate.”

Kris has worked for Sparrow for nearly 30 years. She started out as medic, then became a Licensed Practical Nurse, then an RN. She worked in the Emergency Room for many years before moving to the CDU. '

Kris describes her daily duties as “the usual things Nurses do." But according to her co-worker, Kris routinely goes above and beyond: “She will take time to do the little things that we all know we should do, but sometimes just don’t take the few extra minutes to do so. She makes Patient comfort a priority. As a co-worker of Kris, I have found that she is willing to lend a hand to help anyone in need, both while working in the hospital and outside of it. Kris has spent most of her life caring for those around her. I am very proud to know her and I consider it an honor to call her a co-worker.”

The colleague paid Kris the ultimate compliment: “Kris is the Nurse that I would want for my family as well as for myself.”

Kris believes, however, that the quality of the care in the CDU lies in the unit’s teamwork - “people coming together in a crisis.”

Personally, her overarching philosophy is simple: “I just try to treat people the way I want to be treated.”