Bring Your Child to Work Day held at Sparrow

Published: July 17, 2015

Sixty kids aged 10-14 years spent a day at Sparrow as part of the 2015 annual Bring Your Child to Work Day on Thursday, June 25.

Their visit included Respiratory Therapy, where they learned CPR and how to intubate a patient, as well as the negative effects of what smoking can do to your lungs, some groups were able to see a newborn who was only one hour old and in Orthopedics a few kids from each group had a cast put on them!

The kids got to explore the inside of an ambulance and a child from each group was loaded in and out of on a stretcher.

A visit to the lab offered a fist hand look at blood cells through a microscope and a discussion on all the tests that can be done and all the information gleaned from a simple blood draw.

At the end of their “rotations,” all groups met in the auditorium where they listened to a “CSI” Forensic Pathology presentation and learned how they investigate why or how a person died and what caused the death.

It was a fun and interesting day of learning for everyone involved!