April 2022 Caregiver Spotlight – Heather Snow, Therapist

April 2022

Heather Snow, a Mental Health Therapist for Sparrow Behavioral Health, goes above and beyond to provide care and advocate for patients experiencing a mental health emergency.

“I love working for Sparrow because it allows me to work for my passion population, which is people in crisis with mental health,” says Heather. “Being able to lend [my] voice to those patients is really important to me. “

As a therapist in the Behavioral Health Access Center at Sparrow Hospital, Heather primarily sees patients in the Emergency Department, which can become stressful.

“Being able to see where we’re doing the good for these patients and being able to help them helps keep me motivated to continue to be able to do that work,” says Heather. 

Heather goes above and beyond to advocate for her patients. That’s one reason Heather is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.