App makes Patient, Physician communication more accessible

Published: Oct. 6, 2016

LANSING, MI – Sparrow’s Paul Entler, M.D., was on vacation when he checked into his Epic Haiku phone app and noticed a Patient’s abnormal test results.

"(Because of Epic Haiku) I was able to promptly call my office from the very phone I used to look up the results and provided a timely turnaround for my Patient," Dr. Entler said.

Epic Haiku is the mobile application for the iSparrow Electronic Medical Record system and is allowing easier communication between Patient and Physician from anywhere. The app allows Healthcare Providers to access a limited version of a Patient’s chart quickly and easily from wherever they are, even on vacation. There is also a similar app available for tablets called Epic Canto, which is formatted for a tablet.

Innovation is one of the core values at Sparrow, which is committed to being a technology leader in healthcare. Sparrow’s use of digital data and electronic medical records are essential to helping transform care for our Patients.

"(Epic Haiku) is extremely helpful when a Physician is not at their office," said Ryan Townsend, iSparrow Application Systems Analyst. "We have had 1,495 afterhours logins using Epic Haiku and Epic Canto since we began offering the apps this June."

Sparrow offers Epic Haiku and Epic Canto free to all Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians Assistants who use the iSparrow EMR system.

"New developments are coming all the time, so we will be adding great features in the future," adds Townsend.

Haiku and Canto are created by Epic Systems Corporation, which produces the highly regarded software used by hospitals nationwide and that powers iSparrow EMR.

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