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Care for the Caregivers

Mission: Care for the Caregivers is a fund created by Caregivers to provide support to our co-workers who have experienced a catastrophic need by offering a monetary gift to express our caring.​​​

The Care for the Caregivers fund was founded in 1991, in memory of Jacqueline A. Pung, a compassionate registered nurse and fellow UM Health-Sparrow Caregiver who was killed in an auto accident.  During UM Health-Sparrow Lansing's integration with St. Lawrence Hospital, the Chip Larkey fund merged with the Care for the Caregivers fund. The Chip Larkey fund was founded in memory of Paul E. "Chip" Larkey, Jr., a beloved friend and co-worker at St. Lawrence who had been killed in a 1987 auto accident.

The Care for the Caregivers (CFTC) committee was created by Caregivers to support fellow Caregivers. Thirty years later, the CFTC committee is still committed to helping Caregivers who have experienced a major loss, catastrophe, illness, or medical condition that adversely affects the well-being of the Caregiver.

The committee's goal is to raise funds for Caregivers in need through the annual Sparrow Foundation fundraising campaign and through a variety of special events held throughout the year.

Gift Request Guidelines

Any major loss due to a catastrophe, illness or medical condition which may cause a hardship that affects the well-being of the Caregiver. Caregivers must have six (6) months of service at UM Health-Sparrow to apply for funds.

Caregivers Requesting a Gift

  1. Complete the form below. The application must be completed before your request can be processed.
  2. Call the Hotline at 517-364-5833 and leave a message regarding your situation, please state name, Caregiver number and a call back phone number. When leaving a message. Please speak slowly and clearly.  If we are unable to understand the information provided in the voicemail, we will not be able to return your call. 
  3. A CFTC Committee member will return your call within 24 business hours.
  4. You will need to send the completed form to the committee member who returns your call on the hotline.
  5. The committee member will present your (anonymous) request at the next bi-monthly CFTC meeting.

Note: It is important that you contact the Committee Hotline and work exclusively with the CFTC committee member who replies to your voicemail. Forms should NOT be submitted to Human Resources, as this will cause unnecessary delays.

Requesting a Gift for a fellow Caregiver

To request a gift for a fellow Caregiver in need, call the Caregiver Hotline at 517-364-5833​ and leave a message. A Committee member will return your call within 24 business hours.  

Make a Gift to Care for the Caregivers

If you would like to make a donation to the Fund, click below and select Care for the Caregivers in the "Please direct my support" drop down list.

Generously Supported by

​​In partnership with UM Health-Sparrow, Women Working Wonders generously supports the Care for the Caregivers program. Thank you to our wonderful partner for their continued commitment in caring for our caregivers!

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