Pediatric Rehabilitation Feeding Therapy

RNICU Feeding Therapy

Feeding Team: A speech language pathologist performs oral motor/feeding evaluations at the infant or child’s bedside or in Radiology if performing a videofluoroscopy swallow study. Services provided include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of oral motor skills for non-nutritive and nutritive sucking, for determining candidacy for oral feedings and appropriateness based on the infant or child’s medical profile and adjusted gestational age.
  • Therapeutic feedings and individualized oral motor/feeding programs for encouraging development of feeding skills, discouraging development of oral tactile and sensory aversion, and promoting pleasant pre-feeding oral stimulation.
  • Supplying nipples, bottles or cups designed to meet needs of patients with craniofacial anomalies or immature suck/swallow/breathe coordination due to prematurity or complex medical profiles.
  • Videofluoroscopy swallow studies to determine safety of swallow and developing a feeding plan to meet nutritional needs.
  • Parent/guardian education for carry over of techniques to provide consistency in care across all caregivers.