Psychiatry & Behavioral Health

You can get help right away, close to home

Important: If you feel like you might hurt yourself or someone else, you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency. You should go to the emergency room right away.

At the UM Health-Sparrow Lansing emergency department, a psychiatric social worker or nurse will assess whether you require mental health assistance. We’ll make sure you are safe and supported and connect you to whatever care you need, which may include admission to one of our inpatient or outpatient programs. 

UM Health-Sparrow is home to the only adult psychiatric inpatient facility in Greater Lansing. Now, with a multimillion dollar building renovation, we’re enhancing the comfort of every patient’s stay.

Compassionate care that’s tailored to each patient

Dealing with psychiatric symptoms can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, inpatient care is the best way to recover quickly in a safe, supportive environment. 

UM Health-Sparrow’s highly trained team treats depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse issues, and more. 

We respect and honor our patients as individuals, working one-on-one with each person to develop a plan of care that fits them best. We draw from experiential therapies such as art, music, and yoga to help patients heal. 

Compared to national averages, adult psychiatric patients who stay at UM Health-Sparrow’s inpatient unit can leave more quickly and are less likely to return.

Helping elderly patients achieve their best quality of life

Aging poses its own unique set of physical and psychological challenges, and requires a unique approach to care. UM Health-Sparrow’s geriatric inpatient facility is specially equipped to help elderly individuals who are experiencing psychiatric symptoms.

Our goal is to help elderly patients achieve stability, whatever that looks like for them, so they can return to the comfort of their normal living environment.

Intensive holistic care in an outpatient environment

If you’re searching for an intensive, hands-on program of care for your mental health but can still live safely at home, UM Health-Sparrow’s outpatient program is the perfect fit. 

During the day, you’ll participate in therapy, education and group activities that will help you develop the skills you need to manage whatever challenges you face. At night, you’ll return home. 

The program is designed around holistic care that treats patients like you as a whole — mind, body, and spirit. The goal: healing your connection to yourself and the world around you, so you can improve your health and well-being in every way.


Clinical Services

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our program UM Health-Sparrow’s Partial Hospitalization Program is designed to serve patients who seek intensive therapy and psychiatry services while returning to their
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Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic

If you are experiencing a temporary or short-term behavioral issue that is causing life to be difficult for you, UM Health-Sparrow's outpatient psychiatry behavioral health clinic could help.
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Behavioral Health Centralized Access Services (CAS)

The Centralized Access Services, is the centralized intake department for Behavioral health services.
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Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit

Our program UM Health-Sparrow Health System’s adult inpatient psychiatry unit provides quality evaluation and treatment of mental illness for patients age 18 and older.
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Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatry Unit

UM Health-Sparrow’s geriatric inpatient psychiatry unit provides evaluation and treatment of psychiatrically ill patients typically over 60 years of age.