Pain Management Counselor

Pain Counseling

Do You Experience Limitations in Your Daily Life Secondary to Your Pain?

The UM Health-Sparrow Pain Management Center’s Pain Counseling is available for adults who are experiencing the inability to lead a fulfilling life secondary to their pain including:

  • You are having difficulty completing everyday tasks. 
  • Anxiety or stress with movement or in relationships with friends and family. 
  • Inability to work due to pain.
  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain.
  • Feelings of depression or suicide.
  • Joint injections or Pain Medications are not working as well anymore.

Pain Counseling Treatment

A UM Health-Sparrow Pain Management Center Pain Counselor will provide you with an individualized treatment plan following your evaluation. Techniques used include but are not limited to visual imagery, biofeedback, stress management, relaxation techniques, therapeutic counseling, yoga, and cognitive behavior therapy.    

Benefits of counseling:

  • Decrease pain and ability to self-manage your pain.
  • Improved sleep with decrease of pain. 
  • Ability to return to the activities you love.
  • Decreased anxiety and stress regarding your pain.
  • Increased ability to self-manage relationships with family and friends.
  • Overall increase in quality of life.

A physician referral to the program is needed for treatment. If you think that we can help, please have your physician fax a referral to 517.364.5335.