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How To Be Evaluated

UM Health-Sparrow Pain Management Center

To be evaluated at the UM Health-Sparrow Pain Management Center you must be referred by your physician. One of our case managers will then contact you to complete an initial screening. This screening includes details about your pain, prior treatment, and the impact of pain on your activities. Once the initial screening is completed, a case manager meets with a team of pain specialists to discuss the best possible plan for you. A referral packet that includes information about the center, appointment time, registration information, and a patient questionnaire, is mailed to you for completion prior to your scheduled appointment. Every effort is made to expedite the scheduling of patients with acute pain, or with emergency pain syndromes, such as shingles. Scheduling times may vary, but the goal is to see patients with acute pain within three business days and those with chronic pain within two weeks.

Evaluation and Treatment Planning

A thorough evaluation is necessary to establish an effective treatment plan. This may include a physical, functional, and psychological exam.

Following this evaluation, the physician will discuss your treatment options. During the course of treatment, our clinical team will be available to answer any questions from you or your support person. Your referring physician, and any other physician you request, will receive reports regarding your treatment plan and progress.

Case Conference

The clinical team will review your treatment progress at regularly scheduled case conferences. This involves review of your treatment plan, goal setting, and discharge planning. If any changes to your treatment plan are necessary, it will be discussed with you prior to implementation.


Once your treatment goals have been met, your care will be transferred back to your referring physician. In order to promote continued success, the center offers periodic follow-up treatments and services as needed.

Insurance and Cost of Treatments

Most major insurance plans as well as workers’ compensation, Medicaid, Medicare, and auto insurance usually cover pain management services. If your insurance company requires prior authorization, the treatment plan will be reviewed with them for approval. You are expected to check with your insurance company before scheduling an appointment to determine your level of coverage. It is your responsibility to confirm that your insurance carrier has authorized treatment and payment. If your insurance plan does not cover any portion of the pain management services received, you are responsible for payment. Co-payment for psychological pain services will be collected by the psychologist at the time of service. Financial counselors are available to discuss treatment costs and payment arrangements.