Pain Management Biofeedback Program

Biofeedback Program

Biofeedback Program

Do you or a family member experience headaches, chronic pain or anxiety?

Biofeedback is for adults who are experiencing difficulty with pain management.

You may benefit from Pain Management’s Biofeedback if:

  • You are experiencing chronic headaches
  • You have increased pain in the lower back
  • You have anxiety or stress with movement or activity
  • You have increased muscle tension
  • You have dysfunctional breathing or heart rate
  • You have an inability to tolerate traditional therapies

Benefits of Biofeedback:

  • Decrease pain and ability to self-manage
  • Improved sleep with a decrease of pain
  • Ability to return to the activities you love
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Improved coping with pain and muscle tension
  • Overall increase in quality of life

UM Health-Sparrow Pain Management Center’s Occupational Therapist and Pain Counselor will provide you with an individualized treatment plan following your evaluation. Biofeedback will be used to assist you in returning to the activities that you love.