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Orthopedic Trauma refers to a serious injury of the musculoskeletal system possibly caused by a fall, car accident, or extracurricular activities (i.e. Skiing). Seeking quick treatment is important because these injuries can be life threatening injuries and require the unique expertise of an orthopedic trauma surgeon.

If your injury is life threatening such as protruding bones, this requires an immediate trip to the emergency room where an orthopedic surgeon can treat you right away.

Sometimes, these injuries are not life threatening, but still require expert care.

Common injuries treated by an orthopedic trauma specialist and can also be treated by an orthopedic surgeon include:

  • Closed fractures (Broken bone that doesn’t break the skin)
  • Dislocation (A joint forced out of position)
  • Open fractures (Broken bone that does break the skin)
  • Stress fractures (Small, hairline crack in the bone caused by overuse)

Traumatic Orthopedic injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Being involved in a vehicle accident (car, motorcycle, or other)
  • Falling
  • Injuries while playing a sport, such as basketball or football
  • Natural disasters
  • Physical violence


Orthopedic surgeons will diagnose, treat, and work with you to rehabilitate injuries.

In emergency rooms, an orthopedic surgeon is on standby or on call to manage trauma to the bones, joints, and soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, and tendons).

You will only receive surgical treatments if necessary. Sometimes, non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, rest, and supportive braces/casts are the most effective for certain traumatic injuries.

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Orthopedic Trauma

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