USCIS Immigration Physical Exams

Lansing Occupational Health provides all the medical services required to complete your USCIS Form I-693 Report of Immigration Medical Examination and Vaccination Record.

*Note: This clinic cannot complete the N-648 for the disability exam form. 

Dr. Dean Grace, DO, is a designated civil surgeon with more than ten years of experience in providing these exams. The UM Health-Sparrow healthcare team can usually complete the entire process and have your sealed I-693 exam to you in 5-7 business days.

Cost of the exam is $298 plus the cost of the required blood and urine lab tests.

The exam includes a review of your medical history and vaccine records and lab review as well as completing all I-693 forms and providing the original exam to you in the sealed envelope required by USCIS as well copies of the exam for your records.

Lab tests are required to be ordered by the civil surgeon and cannot be ordered by your physician.

Vaccines required vary by age and are usually covered by your health insurance. We will review your vaccine records and provide you with a list of what vaccines you need. We can provide the vaccines here for a fee if you don’t have health insurance.


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