Rehabilitation Services

Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams provide services for patients to handle all aspects of daily living, including their

UM Health-Sparrow has nine convenient outpatient clinics to help workers achieve their long-term health goals and maintain independence.

    Industrial Rehabilitation

    • Our registered occupational therapists specialize in industrial rehabilitation.
    • Our program is designed to help injured workers return safely to work and to analyze their physical capabilities.
    • It is aimed at giving both workers and employers an accurate assessment of an employee’s abilities while avoiding another injury. That takes expert oversight and education.

    Ergonomics and job-site analysis

    Our therapists analyze the work involved, the worker and their work site. They provide employers with safety guidelines and ways to design work areas and equipment to improve work flow, efficiency and body mechanics.

    Functional capacity evaluations

    We assess an individual’s physical ability in 29 different areas, examining the tasks a worker performs in a typical workday. The evaluations examine areas such as strength, flexibility and coordination.

    Physical therapy and occupational therapy

    Injured workers receive high-quality care from the same streamlined team of physical and occupational therapists.

    Pre-employment/post-offer screening

    This program helps employers develop tools to assess workers’ physical abilities in line with job demands after an employment offer has been made.

    Work hardening

    This program is tailored to each individual and is designed to maximize an injured worker’s ability to meet the physical demands of their job. It teaches and reinforces safe body mechanics.

    Industrial rehabilitation educational services

    We want workers and employers to safely do the job. Lansing Occupational Health Services provides training specific to workers, the environment in which they do their jobs and the type of work performed.

    Programs include:

    • Strategies to reduce and prevent the risk of injury.
    • Job coaching to evaluate how workers perform essential tasks
    • How to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries
    • How to avoid repetitive strain injuries and trauma disorders
    • Proper body mechanics and lifting
    • Exercises for preventing injury