EWSH Emergency Trauma patient and provider

Trauma Center & Services

Traumatic injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, and assaults often require complex and multidisciplinary treatment, including surgery. Rapid access to a certified trauma center often provides the best chance for survival and recovery.

Verified Level 1 Trauma Center

UM Health-Sparrow has earned the highest level of trauma center certification. It is the Mid-Michigan region's only Verified Level 1 Trauma Center for adult and pediatric patients.

Trauma Team

UM Health-Sparrow has trauma surgeons in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to care for severely injured patients. An operating room is ready at all times for trauma cases. UM Health-Sparrow's trauma team also includes board-certified physicians, specially trained registered nurses experienced in emergency care, and skilled emergency technicians.

The trauma surgeons and multidisciplinary trauma team members continue to provide care throughout the injured patient's hospital stay until they are well enough to be discharged.