Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine at UM Health-Sparrow

We are the first cancer center in Mid-Michigan to partner with Foundation Medicine, a world-leading molecular insights company, to connect our physicians and patients to the latest precision medicine targeted therapies. Precision medicine has begun a paradigm shift in cancer treatment where more and more cancers are now treated based on genomic mutations within a given cancer patient, and not on the broad type of cancer groups. For example, the drug for breast cancer can be used against pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, or colon cancer if the patient’s cancer cells have a specific mutation. At UM Health-Sparrow, we recognize that one size does not fit all, and we are humbled to pioneer the process for the Mid-Michigan community.

UM Health-Sparrow is actively involved and encourages participation in cancer clinical trials designed with new, state-of-the-art, multi-targeted drugs against different cancer malignancies. These targeted drug therapies are available right here in Mid-Michigan and translate to shorter hospital stays and lower risk of side effects for our patients. Access to this quality of care is just another reason why patients choose UM Health-Sparrow.