Volunteer honored for more than 60 years at Sparrow

Betty Lorenz

Published: June 28, 2012

Harry Truman was president when Betty Lorenz of East Lansing began volunteering at Sparrow.

Lorenz was recently honored by the Sparrow Women's Hospital Association for an incredible 60-plus years as a volunteer. She began helping in the Sparrow pediatrics department in 1951 and went on to serve on the Sparrow Board of Trustees, the Women's Board of Managers, and the Sparrow Foundation Board, along with giving her time in countless other ways. Lorenz still volunteers at Sparrow.

"The Sparrow experience has just been fantastic," she says. "I've made a lot of friends and learned so much about the hospital."

Lorenz was recognized at the Sparrow Women's Hospital Association's 116th annual meeting. The volunteer Women's Hospital Association founded what would later become Sparrow Hospital in 1896.

"Sparrow would not be what we are today without the role that you and your volunteer colleagues play," Sparrow President and CEO Dennis Swan told Lorenz.

Those interested in volunteering at Sparrow may call our Volunteer Services Department at 517.364.3606 or go to www.sparrow.org/how-to-become-volunteer.