Sparrow Eaton Hospital Launches BEE Award for Caregivers

Published: February 19, 2024

CHARLOTTE, MI – Sparrow Eaton Hospital is urging anyone who wants to thank a member of their care team to nominate them for the hospital’s new BEE Award for exceptional caregivers.

BEE stands for “Being Exceptional Every Day” and is aimed at recognizing supporting clinical and non-clinical team members. The hospital launched the DAISY Award recognition program for nurses in 2022. The programs are symbolic in that bees are fundamentally important to a daisy’s ability to thrive. 

Both The DAISY and BEE Awards are presented twice annually, and each recipient is selected from nominations received by patients, community members and colleagues.

“Recognition is impactful and is important to our culture when we look around and see the incredible work of the entire team,” said Sparrow Eaton Director of Operations Steven Dexter, MSN, RN, CNRN. “We are very excited to launch the BEE Award as a supplement to the DAISY to highlight amazing patient care received here at Eaton.” 

Sparrow Eaton Hospital encourages anyone who wants to thank a member of their team for the care they received – or in honor of the care a loved one received – to nominate them for a BEE or DAISY award.

For more information or to nominate a caregiver, please visit


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