Mid Michigan Surgeons, Sparrow to join, create new practice

Published: May 2, 2016

Mid Michigan Surgeons (MMS), a general surgery practice that has been highly respected for nearly 20 years, has joined the Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) as part of SMG General Surgery Lansing.

This development reflects the ongoing movement toward formal ties between Hospitals and Physicians as we, together, transform health care and deliver clinical best practices.

Sparrow benefits from the added leadership of Timothy McKenna, D.O., who specializes in breast surgery. Dr. McKenna serves as the Medical Director of the Sparrow Cancer Center’s nationally accredited multidisciplinary breast clinic. His colleagues include general surgeons David Hagan, M.D., and Jeffrey Johnson, M.D.

MMS Patients gain greater access to Sparrow’s technology and resources, the benefits of Sparrow’s membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network, and access to MySparrow electronic medical records.

“Adding MMS to our SMG General Surgery Lansing practice will create the most comprehensive surgical practice in the region,” said David Kruger, Sparrow Vice President of Physician Practice Administration. “This practice consolidation greatly expands our General Surgery Lansing practice and helps to better meet the health care needs of the region as we offer the latest in technology, minimally invasive, and endoscopic techniques.”

In addition to Drs. McKenna, Hagan, and Johnson, SMG General Surgery Lansing includes Michael Eigenberg, M.D.; Hugh Lindsey, M.D., SMG General Surgery Lansing practice manager; and Kosisochi Obinwanne, M.D.

The practice, which diagnoses and treats Patients with diseases and disorders affecting the abdomen, digestive tract, breast, skin and more, will see Patients at three locations, including the Sparrow Professional Building in downtown Lansing, the Sparrow Health Science Pavilion in East Lansing, and at Watertower Place in East Lansing.

For office locations and referrals, please visit Sparrow.org/SMGGeneralSurgeryLansing or call 517.364.5388.

If current Mid Michigan Surgeons Patients have any questions about the transition, they should call Bev Howe at 517.332.0200, ext. 5406.

As part of Sparrow Health System, the SMG General Surgery Lansing team is committed to providing quality, compassionate care in the Sparrow Way.

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