Geriatric Tech first Outstanding Latino Caregiver awardee

Published: March 23, 2017

LANSING, MI – Delores Mandujano, a Psychiatric Technician who has worked with the elderly at Sparrow Hospital for 20 years, is Sparrow’s first recipient of the Lansing Latino Health Alliance’s Outstanding Latino Caregiver Award.

Mandujano was recognized Wednesday during the Health Alliance’s first-ever ceremony to publicly recognize Latino Caregivers and the significant difference they make in Patients’ lives. She was among several Caregivers honored from the local healthcare community.

Mandujano received the award based on nominations from colleagues who described her as extraordinarily caring and positive, always putting Patients first.

Mandujano works in the Geriatric Behavioral Health unit at Sparrow Hospital at the St. Lawrence Campus, aiding medical staff in tending to the needs of Patients who often have dementia and other conditions.

Her nomination said, “She recognizes that her Patients encounter many challenges, from isolation and loss of personal freedom, to pain and confusion, to depression. Yet she lights up the room for them, smiling, listening, laughing, and doing what she can to get people up and moving.”

Mandujano said she always wanted to work with the elderly and has a special bond with her Patients.

“I love my job,” she said. “I love working with old people. I always treat them like they’re my own grandparents.

“They may not always be able to speak to me but I can tell they appreciate what I do. I can tell by their eyes.”

The Lansing Latino Health Alliance was founded in 2003 with the mission of raising the health status of Latinos in the greater Lansing area.

Nominations will soon be accepted for next year’s Outstanding Latino Caregiver Awards.

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