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Lansing, Michigan

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The Lansing Latino Health Alliance, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit organization with the mission of improving the health status of Latinos in the greater Lansing area by advocating for meaningful, effective, and sustainable policy and systems changes to help reduce health disparities and inequities. The Alliance envisions the day when more Latinos people enter healthcare fields in increased number and skill levels.

Lansing Latino Health Alliance wishes to recognize Latino caregivers Sparrow whose service and commitment to providing excellent care have made a difference in the life of a patient.

I wish to nominate the following for the 2023 Outstanding Latino Caregiver Award:

This nominee meets the minimum eligibility criteria of having:

  • Self-declared as a Latino┬áperson with Sparrow Department of Human Resources, Medical Staff Office, or other appropriate office
  • Worked at Sparrow for at least two (2) years in a full-time or part-time position

This nominee is deserving of recognition, they have consistently:

  • Made a significant difference in the life of a patient
  • Has exceeded expectations in fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Demonstrated professionalism in the workplace

Please describe two situations involving the nominee that clearly demonstrate that they meet the criteria for
The Outstanding Latino Caregiver Award:


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Thank you for taking the time to nominate an extraordinary person for this award.

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